Smarter interface wish

I wish that the columns in the layer and properties tabs would shrink automatically towards the left when there are blanks.
If for example the layer names get longer, then the columns would widen until they reach a nominal position, and it would be up to the user to slide them some more if they so wish.
Also, I wonder why stacked tabs can’t be collapsed with a button on the side as is quite commonplace.


Fantastic !
Thanks !

That’s exactly how much McNeel is interested in improving Rhino’s interface.

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The problem is that Devs are not working in Rhino that much, they are working on Rhino. So annoying things like that don’t bother them 8-10 hours daily. The interface they really use is e.g. Visual Studio interface.

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Yep, and the fact that I’m getting lots of “Likes” on that request doesn’t make them budge an inch either.

I believe Visual Studio was one of the first applications to incorporate this feature.

I linked this request to an existing issue for collapsing panels at