Wish: Sliders visible in all color wheel sizes

Hi guys, (@pascal )
I see that the sliders are hidden when the color wheel window is almost a square. It would be nice if it was present then too.

Here it is present when it is taller:

And also when it is wider:

When wide all 6 sliders are present.

Personally I would prefer it if all six were present all the time, to the right.
And then move the preview color box and the current color box up above the sliders, as wide as the sliders and as tall as possible.

This would make working with colors easier as large previews are better. Like this:


Yeah, despite all of the bug reports and complaints/suggestions here about the V7 color picker, IMO it’s still pretty broken. Unless you have it huge all the time, you’re always missing something…

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+1, but first, let’s make the color picker open fast again, the lag is really, really bad, I’d take back all the new bells and whistles to get the pre-V7 instant show of the dialog back.


That was part of what provoked my comment “all the bug reports”…


Arranging stuff like the above doesn’t make any sense at all to me…

The color wheel is HUGE and the 6 sliders are small and on the side, the Alpha slider is on the bottom and runs the length of the entire box.

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That’s the cool thing :wink: Why do you need it square?

It’s hard to “judge” your Select Color windows without the rest of the UI context for scale.
I think it’s very easy to set it to show what you need:

Square enough for me - smallest I could get it to look like that - without custom color list

Smallest I could get it to show everything. It’s showing quite a lot for its size - especially if you compare it with other Rhino Panels.

@Jarek, @Helvetosaur

Do you mind doing some benchmarks? It can be a little slow to open, true.
I wonder what are the time differences between the new and old one.

I think that’s the reason for the alpha bar placement. If you got it extra small, without color sliders, you need at least one slider to control alpha.

If you make such a huge panel I assume that you don’t prioritize the compactness of it. It would make sense to move some parts elsewhere in that scenario, but it would also need at some point to change its spacing behavior from the small version.

Other than that, this panel is a huge step forward comparing to the previous one.
I think it’s well thought. The only thing I could ask for is a better custom color and swatches list.

Anders did a pretty good side-by side comparison. On my end the V7 is even slower while pre-V7 is instant: Color picker is slow to load - #11 by AndersDeleuran

There is more while we are at it (reminding by repetition, I know it’s been logged already) - the Alpha dot is really hard to see, should be solid color or thicker outline…
Clearly there is a lot of room for improvement with the color dialog…


It was snappy, hard to argue with that. I can imagine this being a pain if you change colors often.

Well, I would say I need to open it 100 times per hour, especially considering there is no real-time viewport color update when in the dialog… now take 100 times 2 seconds per dialog show = ~3 minutes per hour just waiting for the dialog to open, x 8 hr day=24 minute wait for color dialog open… you get the idea :upside_down_face:

What a colorful guy :smiley: . I saw your wish for the real-time color update, forgot to upvote it.
I would even see Rhino panel as a floating/docked one. I don’t know how it would work for changing layers colors or print colors but for custom object display color it could work well i think.
Maybe some button toggle at the top, - real-time on and what we want to adjust in the real-time?

A little mockup

Crayon has something like that, but without sliders, HEX input, etc. and it’s working with objects only.


Very nice idea real-time +1
By the way, Crayon is very cool, I wish it was an official tool inside Rhino Crayon | Food4Rhino