Problem with Color picker set to CMYK color wheel

If the color picker has been previously set to CMYK color wheel (not sliders) -

If you want to change an object color by selecting it, then going to Properties>Display color and choose “Other” (to bring up the picker panel) - the panel takes 4-5 seconds to open here. If the panel is set to any other “wheel” method, it opens faster, but still a tiny lag. If set to any of the ‘slider’ methods, it opens instantly. Tested in (7.5.21068.13001, 2021-03-09)


Hi Mitch - thanks, I’ll check it. It seems OK here - what you do not show in the clip is going back to the CMYK wheel - is that slow again, or just the first time?


Happens every time here…

I have the same problem, slow :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi all - some people here can reproduce the problem, at least on 7.5. Still fine for me in any build so far … but I am old and lame. @Helvetosaur - a shot in the dark, but can you see if shrinking the dialog to hide the color list, and the ‘extra’ controls that show up when it is expanded, makes any difference?
RH-63244 Color Picker: CMYK wheel lags


Not older and lamer than me… by a long shot… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Yep - good guess:

But it looks like only when the wheel reaches a certain size that it lags…

Yep, OK, thanks - Vanessa was able to see this as well.


Yay Vane!

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I also reported a similar bug here: Wish (Rhino 7): Bring back the convenient selection of colour from the "Select color" menu - #13 by Rhino_Bulgaria

The problem seems to be related to the size of the window and the HVS wheel.

The same problem came back again in 7.8 :sweat_smile:

Hi is this normal

Hello - what is the command, exactly, on the button you are clicking?

Hello - try this -

! -_Properties _Pause _Object _Color _Object _ColorPicker _EnterEnd

Does that do what you want?


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I used the same script since long time ago and noticed that it has it own way of resizing the pop-up window. I also use another script for a quick selection of an object material colour, which also has its own setting for the size and position of the pop-up window. Kind of annoying. :slight_smile: It worked blazingly fast in Rhino 6, but has a slight delay in Rhino 7 (just like the normal colour picker, because the newly introduced HSV wheel is somewhat heavy on the hardware).

! -_Runscript (

Option Explicit
’ Script written by Guilherme C. Webster, Jan/2005
’ Designed to quicly change the render/material color of any objects in Rhinoceros 3D

Sub RenderColor

Dim arrObj, strObj
Dim intIndex
Dim lngColor

arrObj = Rhino.GetObjects ("Select objects to change material color", 0 , True, True, True)
       If Not IsNull(arrObj) Then
          lngColor = Rhino.GetColor
       Exit Sub
       End If
           If Not IsNull (lngColor) Then

              Rhino.command ("-_properties m o r c 0,0,0 enter enter")
              Rhino.ObjectMaterialSource arrObj, 1

              For Each strObj In arrObj
                  intIndex = Rhino.ObjectMaterialIndex(strObj)
                  Rhino.MaterialColor intIndex, lngColor

              Rhino.print "Material color changed sucessfully."

           Exit Sub
           End If

End Sub