Color Transparency slider tweak [wish]

I don’t know if this is just me but I keep having hard time “finding” the transparency slider dot, especially in the < 50% ranges. I know it is not THAT hard to find after carefully looking where it is, but problematic enough that I have to pause and look for it every time trying to adjust the transparency as it just blends with the checkered background. And since there is no interactive color preview in Rhino yet, sometimes to get the transparency right I have to run this several times, each time having to focus and find that dot…

Maybe I’m just getting old, but I wish it was more obvious where it is - solid white with black border perhaps? or solid 50% gray with black border? Hope this can be considered.

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I have to agree with your observation. I keep thinking there must be a better way to depict the transparency than the hard to use checkerboard. I just don’t know what it is. I’m sure the responsible developer thought he/she was doing pretty well to come up with the checkerboard, but I agree it could benefit from some additional work with “the little grey cells”.

Since there is a dynamic preview in the color select dialog I presume by this you mean a dynamic display in the model viewport of the change on the actual object whose color you are changing. This sounds like a really good idea, especially if it could be implemented in Cycles without requiring it to start the rendering over from the beginning.

The checkboard is a cool visual but not super helpful since it is too tiny/narrrow. Maybe if the field was higher and the slider was just a thicker line with arrow on top/bottom like typical Rhino sliders have? I don’t know, I could make do with no checkerboard at all, as long as I can see where the slider pointer is. Now I can’t.

Yes, I meant dynamic preview of the colors in the viewport as we change them in the color picker.
It works fine for the Materials (various aspects) - but not for Colors (edges, curves) - apparently this is more complicated and still on to-do pile. But it would be super helpful, now that the transparency came to play I find it even more needed to refine exact color/transparency and to make each small tweak opening the dialog, tweaking it and closing it to see the change is tedious. Especially when you can’t find the damn transparency slider dot! :slight_smile:
(PS. I reevaluated it today thinking maybe last night working late was a problem but nope, still hard to see…)

Hi Jarek - I agree, I’ve had this thought, just not quite enough to tip me over the edge into action - I’ll get it on the list, thanks.
RH-65487 Color Picker: Beef up the transparency slider control


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It tipped me since there is no real-time viewport preview and trying 10 times to get the transparency just right was enough to finally post here. Thanks Pascal, and congrats, your eyes are old too!

No, No, it’s not US, it’s bad UI design!


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