WISH:Shift+Space to toggle past actions

Is there isn’t there now, Shift + Space to toggle through past actions would be nice.

Can you please give some more details as to what you are thinking? What would appear on the screen when you hit Shift+space? When I hear “toggle”, I usually infer that this is switching between two options…am I wrong in presuming you want something more than the last two commands?

Hi Dan,

Yes, I meant scrolling through past commands(recent commands).
Currently to repeat a command, you need to right click to get the main menu out then
go to the top to get the recent commands, which takes a bit of a wait.

Since the spacebar is used for repeating one prev. command, I’d thought something related
to that to pop-up a recent command list, and have the commands highlight down by keeping shift-pressed and keep on pressing the space bar.
Or maybe rotating mouse-wheel. or using cursor.

Release the Shift-Space bar to select the command. or if using cursor press left click.

OR… maybe having the middle scroll button click to get the recent command list up and scroll click to select the command…

or… was there an option to customize the pop-up menu?

If pressing middle scroll button(or other button if there are more on the mouse)
to get something like below, it’d be really nice. =)

-------please ignore this one… found how to customize…-----
-------hmm… but, can’t seem to customize… (can’t add “copy of default”. only have default…)

in the current version of Rhino for Mac, there is a problem with editing custom commands for tool palettes and keyboard shortcuts.

until we see a 5.2(?) update, you can do the customization with the WIP version since it works there… both versions share the same preferences so a change made in one affects the other.

nice! got it working!

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