Recent command- right click in command bar

Hi Forum,
Ive used rhino for windows for windows for many years.
One feature that is very useful is right clicking on the command bar showing an array of your recent commands which you can easily click again.
Is this function available in the version for mac?

just right click in a viewport, brings up last used commands

Right clicking only uses the last used command, I want to choose between multiple last used commands

this is what I get if right click in a viewport

That’s strange, mine automatically jumps straight into the previous command without any of the options like you have:

At least that shows it is there and I just haven’t found the option.
Thanks for the help

Found it:
Preferences- Mouse- Right mouse button- Enable context menu

Thanks milezee

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no worries, yes i couldn’t remember if there might be something to check in preferences :slight_smile: