Most Recently Used commands popup

I can’t find any way to get quick access to recently used commands. It seems on the Windows version, there’s an option for a Most Recently Used commands (MRU) middle mouse button popup. There’s also a Last Used Buttons toolbar, and the right-click menu in the Command or History Window gives the MRU list too.

Is there an option for this on the Mac, apart from copy/pasting from the History Window? It would be a really useful function! Especially the popup, which also includes typed commands that the toolbar doesn’t.


When I right click in a viewport, I get a contextual menu. The first thing in it is Repeat (last command) and to the right of that is an arrow with a dropdown menu that has a list of my most recent actions.

Maybe that’s what you’re looking for?

Yes, that’s what I was looking for, thanks! Seems I had “enable context menus” turned off in preferences.

Am I missing a way to get the “last used buttons” toolbar too?

This I don’t know. I’m new at Rhino and haven’t stumbled on that one yet. Maybe someone else can help.