Wish: Rhino command box & previous commands

Hi everyone,

I know that the context menu that pops-up when you long right click allows you to select previous commands, but I feel the process is a lot more convoluted that the system used on Rhino for Windows. I don’t really like the pop-up window, especially having to navigate within it to find the list of previous commands

I find that I’m spending a lot more time entering repeat commands into the command line for repeat processes, rather than just right-clicking on the command line in Windows and scrolling down to the previous command.

Could this functionality be implemented with the command box on the Mac version?

Otherwise, I’m really enjoying the transition to Mac :smile:

Maybe this thread sheds some light …

@Rodri Thanks for your swift reply!I read the thread link you posted.

If I disable the context menu, I can repeat the last command with a simple right-click. However, I don’t think there is any way I can see the list of previous commands, and select from them, without using the context menu, which is a bit convoluted (and disables the right click for last-command function when activated).

If I could right-click on the text command box, and select the last command from a simple drop-down menu, like in the Windows version, that would really speed up my workflow (and hopefully many other peoples). It is little details like that that make me keep the windows version installed :slight_smile:

Thanks, Dan

I have the same experience here. I use the last commands popup a lot but on mouse wheel click and not having it is really upsetting. I don’t plan to move to a Rhino for Mac only workflow, but I’ll be using both Rhino for Mac and Win versions interchangeably. This feature would allow for a similar workflow with both versions.