Right mouse repeat last command?

Really happy that Rhino for mac is released, great job!

I was just wondering if it would be possible to use the right mouse button for repeat last command, without showing the menu ?

Thanks Kev.

The context menu shows up with a right click if you press and hold the button longer than the timer threshold. I think the default is 300ms or a 1/3 of a second.
Try clicking more quickly or if that’s no good, try increasing the threshold time.

Rhinoceros - Preferences - Mouse at the bottom

Thanks for your reply.
I probably was unclear in my formulation of the qeustion.
I was just wondering if I could disable the context menu and i get my last command straight away, as in Acad/rhino for PC ?

For example, I drawn a circle and want to do it again, by pressing right click.

Not from the mouse currently.
Tapping the Enter key or the Spacebar will repeat the last command directly.

Thanks John !