Right click menu popup wastes lots of time


It might just be me, but the implementation of the ‘right click context menu’ is frustrating as it wastes a lot of my time. I really appreciated the immediacy of ‘right click to repeat last feature’ in the windows version. Is there any way to enable this?


In Preferences>Mouse, all the way at the bottom, uncheck Right mouse button> Enable context menus.


Thanks Mitch- man I’d looked right through that check box about 5 times- really helps- thanks again


also anthony…

you’re possibly already aware of this but throwing it out there just in case…
pressing the spacebar or return key will also activate the last used command.

to me, having the right click context menu available is particularly helpful if using custom display modes as they appear in the list (otherwise, they show up in the View menu)

[edit] well, also again …it’s completely normal for me to see a context menu upon right clicking anything on mac… when i first started using rhino, navigation on the right-mouse-button (instead of, say, a middle mouse button) threw me for a bit of a loop… i’ve since gotten used to it but would still change rhino’s rmb behavior if i had a choice.

thanks Jeff!