Rhino 7 Mac - right-hand click last tool and tool history

Long time Rhino Windows user here.

I have Rhino 7 for Mac set up so that I can right-click to reuse the last command (a la Windows). However, without the “command toolbar” that is at the top of the Windows layout I cannot just right-hand click anywhere and quickly select a recently used command. I used this all the time on Windows.

There is a command text box in the left-hand palette, but a right-hand click there asks me about spelling and other unrelated things.

Does this feature exist? I know I can re-enable context menu’s for a right-hand click and see recent commands, but I lose the right-hand click repeat last tool functionality by doing that - it’s too convoluted.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. I have dabbled with Rhino for Mac since the first Beta, but still work in Windows daily by preference. It’s the little things.

Thanks all

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Hi Dan - as far as I know on Mac the best you can do is choose from the rmb context menu (out in the viewport0 that shows

‘Repeat (last command)’

If you follow the > sign, you get a menu of recents…


Thanks Pascal - I thought that might be the case… It would be so good if the small text box in the left-hand palette had a cascade of recent commands to select from if you right-clicked - that would be almost as good as the Windows solution

I really don’t want to lose the right-click to repeat the last command - that is so natural.

The rmb context menu means I can’t use right-click like i usually do, and the process to then see the previous commands is quite long-winded if you use it daily.

I tend to use text commands - in 10+ years I only know what a handful of icons mean!

Thanks for your reply.

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Yep - in V8 Rhino for Mac and Windows will converge to a greater extent that before but some stuff like this, designed and implemented first on Windows is not straightforward on Mac. I do not know about rmb context menus… but I also use these extensivly on Windows.
RH-70402 Menu: favorites in context menu

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