Wish Rhino 6: Offline validation tutorial




is there a offline validation tutorial (with nice pictures) for Rhino 6?



(Pascal Golay) #2

Hi Michael - this is the best I can find right now -

no pictures at all, I’m afraid.

@John_Brock - do we have anything more?


(John Brock) #4

I think @aj1 has something.

(Andrés Jacobo) #5

I’m afraid I’m not aware of one.

(John Brock) #6

This links to the pertinent sections in the Rhino accounts Help file:



Hi Pascal, Andrés, and John,

I miss e.g. the part, how to get the PC-name and id. I had to send my customer (normal user, no admin) my own pictures that he understands where to find these




(John Brock) #8

I don’t read German but I think you’re looking at the off-line validation tools.
If you start license validation on a V6 system with no Internet connection, the off-line validation wizard will start.
This wizard has the specific instructions for the user and includes the license key and machine ID needed to generate an off-line code.


@John_Brock Yep, but we also need to know how to get this info “manually” if something goes wrong - for Win 7, 8.1, and 10 (they’re all different).

(Brian Gillespie) #11

@helvetosaur, There’s no way to get the machine name and device ID manually. You need to start Rhino and get it into the offline validation process so that it will tell you. Furthermore, if Rhino’s not in the offline validation mode, there’s nowhere to enter the validation code into Rhino.