Rhino 6 license offline validation

in the past we added licenses to the Zoo server via offline validation, because our Zoo server does not have internet connection. This worked very good for the Rhino 5 licenses.
Now we upgraded our licenses to Rhino 6 and it seems that it is no longer possible to validate the licenses offline.
Do you have a workaround for validation of Rhino 6 licenses on a Zoo server without internet connectivity?

Should still be possible…


yes i thought so, but unfortunately i get the following error message. Any clue?

i found the problem. it was due to a wrong internet proxy configuration. So Zoo server tried to reach the internet via this proxy, but was not able to.
I removed this wrong configuration and now the manual validation is possible.

Thanks anyway!

Hello dsw,
I have the same problem.
Can you describe me, where you removed the Proxy Setting?

it was a wrong proxy configuration in Windows “Control Panel” / “Internet Options” in the tab Connections.