Rhino 7 download package and offline validation, how?


is there a current tutorial how to

  1. downloading a complete Rhino 7 package (with more languages) for offline installation
  2. offline validation to get a local license (no Zoo, I just find an old wiki for Rhino 5 and the Zoo)



Deja vu all over again?

Hi AIW, yes, I am trapped in the matrix :wink: Thanks Michael

this help at all?

  1. Start the installer on a computer with Internet access.
  2. Click the Gear icon on the installer screen.
  3. Click the option to build an off-line installation package
  4. Copy the result Bootstrapper.exe and REDIST folder to a thumb drive and 1. Copy them onto the offline system.
  5. Run the Bootstrapper.exe.
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Note that searching the Wiki with the term ‘offline’ does not find this article…


The second hit under full text results does get you to another article that has a link back to the above…

Hi Kyle,

this seams to be my tutorial, thank you very much.

@Helvetosaur, that’s right I was too dumb to find this by myself, which I have really tried. :wink:

Thank you guys and have a nice weekend


The only real hint you need is “Click the gear” in the installer.

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I didn’t find it either, which is why I posted. This needs to be fixed. And perhaps have a link from one of the main Rhino web pages.

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That presupposes that you have already downloaded and are installing before you actually know the procedure. As a reseller, most of the time I have clients (usually IT managers) who are wanting to know the offline install procedure before they even buy a license… Hence the request to have a document or a link to send to them.

Note that that page still needs to be translated into German, Spanish Italian etc.; a French translation is there but it lacks the images that the English version has.

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I understand from the younger developers, that the “Gear icon” on an installer is standard practice, and us old guys just need to learn these nuanced tools. So I did for that one anyway.
As an old guy myself, I find I constantly struggle to learn these new conventions. I struggled with learning that red text on our Web pages was an indication it was a clickable link.
The clickable links in the Rhino Accounts Web pages aren’t even red. I eventually learned but it was never obvious to me like it seems to be your the Young Turks.
I don’t even like command icons. I prefer words. I mostly use pull-down menus or type commands as a result.
I guess it’s part of getting old.

“Hey kid! Get off the grass!”


I don’t think you are addressing the actual issue:

I also don’t think there’s any harm in reassuring all the potential offline installing users that the “settings” symbol (which is what the gear symbol is regardless of what your young developers say, and it isn’t standard on installers. See VS, Intel Fortran, etc, etc.) on the installer will take them through a step-by-step wizard for offline installation and validation.

I’m gonna guess you don’t deal with sales/clients all that much… Pretty much every one of my clients who are in companies who have offline installations have demanded to know EVERYTHING that needs to be done in advance of buying any licenses.

Ah, you misunderstood. In fact back in prehistoric times shortly after the Earth started cooling I was one of these clients. I still carry that attitude with me. I understand perfectly. I also am very familiar with the standard of support and documentation that such companies as IBM, Hewlett-Packard, Digital Equipment, Intel, McNeal-Schwindler, Dassault, etc. provide.I didn’t mean to imply that pointing the inquirer to the “gear” was all that is required. I just meant it should be included in the type of documentation that you demand (is that too strong a word?).

I support you completely.

I think it may be the Rhino folks who don’t appreciate the expectations and requirements of such customers. One of these days they may come to realize that if they want to run with the big dogs they will need to learn how to pee in the tall grass.

rhino 7 ki license key :old_key:

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