Rhino 6 Offline License


how do i get Device id and name while validating license offline.
iam using Zoo 6 SRO id version which is releases in 2015.

Can any one suggest!!..

Thanks in advance.

That’s V6 is too old to validate off-line correctly.

  1. Download the current V6 installer from the Download page on the Rhino Web site.
  2. On a computer with Internet access, start the installer and select the Gear icon.
  3. Choose the option to build an offline installation.
  4. Copy the REDIST folder and bootstrap.exe to a thumb drive and take it to the offline computer.
  5. Copy the Redist folder and Bootstrap.exe to the offline computer desktop.
  6. Run it. This will get your V6 up to SR15.
  7. Start Rhino and enter your license key choosing the stand-alone option.
  8. When Rhino begins the Validation process, it will detect there is no Internet connection and bring up instructions for an off-line validation that will include the computer’s ID.

Thanks for the quick reply…