No Validation Wizard Rhino 5


We have purchaced a licence for Rhino 6. We want to use Rhino 5 as well. We got following message

customers - can obtain one free Rhino 5 “legacy key” for their own R60 license after they create their own Rhino Account, and validate their own Rhino 6 license, with their own login and password.

We’ve validated the Rhino 6 licence and a code is generated to enter in Rhino 5 validation Wizard.

The thing is I don’t see a validation option on Rhino 5. Please see the image attached.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

If you press the “Enter a license” button above and enter your V5 license, what happens?

We have Rhino 6 license. We validated that and reached this screen

We tried putting the code in Rhino 5. It say’s license is invalid

The procedure for getting a V5 license with a V6 license is as follows:

  1. Buy a V6 license, create a Rhino account, put the license in the Rhino account and validate it.
  2. Go to, click on “Retreive a legacy Windows key*”
  3. On the page that opens, enter your V6 key and your e-mail (same e-mail used to validate the V6 license)
  4. Your V5 key will be sent to your e-mail (assuming all is valid)
  5. Enter the V5 key you received by e-mail in the V5 license dialog.

Thanks @Helvetosaur,
That worked.