Why everytime I need to validate Rhino 6 licence?

I have validated my Rhino 6 wip licence so many times. Now my Rhino account is locked for putting wrong passward for login. My Rhino 5 licence is genuin and never shared with 3rd party. This is really frastrating.
Why Rhino 6 wip need online validation so many times ? I work with an offline computer. So what is the procedure to use Rhino 6 wip for offline computer ?

@tsiddikee can you describe in more detail what problem you are having?

You can certainly install a license offline, but it is limited to one and only one device. It looks like this would suit your needs. To do this, assuming your license is already in your Rhino account, follow these instructions:


Let me know if you need any help.

Hi, Thanks for the reply. My Rhino account is blocked , as I had tried with wrong password.
I had send you as email. Regarding this. Rhino 6 every time need validation in my computer and it does not validate after try .

Regarding this. Rhino 6 every time need validation in my computer and it does not validate after try .

Can you post a screenshot (without any sensitive info, like your license key) of Rhino doing this? I’d like to understand the problem better.


Hi i received the e mail for Rhino 6 Beta testing. I downloaded and instaled the software. When i start the software i am asked to use a Rhino 6 License. I dont have one. I have only the Rhino 5 license. i the E Mail it says:
You will need:

An account on the discussion forum.
64-bit Windows 7, 8, 8.1 or 10.
Your Rhino 5 Windows license key. You can find it here...

Here are all the details…
Download here…
I am confused. How do i have to proceed to run Rhino 6. Did i miss a Mail with a temporary RH6 License?
Thank you.
Olivier Jallard

When you requested the V6 WIP/Beta, you entered your V5 license key and the email address you used to Validate it.
We generated a RH6B-xxxx… key and emailed it to you.
Did you check your inbox or Spam filter?

If you go back and request it again using the Serengeti “Welcome” message, it will send you your V6 Beta license key again.

Hello John,
no i dont have received an email with the RH6 License. I checked my Spam and Junk.
After receiving the Rhino 6 Beta now available Mail, i went and created an Rhino account. I thought this was necessary for the license.
Next i went to the download page where i entered my email and the SRN RH5 to download Rhino 6.

Now, when i go to serengeti and try to download again it says that someone else is already using this license? I am the only one using my rhino five License. I must say i was not the one who baught Rhino. It was someone from our IT. I thought that if i put my email adress with the License key it would be then sent to me. I am sorry for the inconvenience.

The office closed at 5 so I’m at home.
Please private message me your email address and let me see if I can figure out what happened and what to do to fix it.

Hi John, just wanted to let you know it works now! Thanks for your time.
Olivier jallard