Wish - reorder saved Views and Cplanes

Not sure is the following resonates with others…?

Unless I’m missing something (?) can’t seem to reorder saved Views and Cplanes. Rename, yes. Reorder, no.

Rational - it is helpful to have both grouped and organized logically, especially when numerous. It takes very good advance planing to do so.

The ability to drag reorder Views and Cplanes, such as one can do with Layers, adds value IMO.


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Added to the list…Named Views (MR-1470) and Named CPlanes (MR-1471). Thanks.

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Dan, is the wishlist a 2 directions type of thing? That is, do mac wishes end up in windows as well? I suppose so but just wondering about the process since this request for new functionality is logged as MR.

Not necessarily. It would have to be on a case-by-case basis for version 5.0’s development life-cycle. (Admittedly, neither of these two items in question have been carefully considered, just logged.)

In the future, we hope it becomes a more bi-directional thing. We are in the process of merging the code-bases for the two products, BUT (and this is important) not for the Rhino for Mac 5.0 code-stream (only for the Rhino WIP code-stream).

One more caveat…
Even when the code-bases are merged and unified, there will still be features that may exist on one platform and not another…it might be stating the obvious, but: there are some things you can do on Mac that you can’t on Windows and vice-versa.

I know this is not likely the full feature request here, but - in the latest RhinoWIP (5E169w) - the Named Views and Named CPlanes panels in the inspector now automatically sort the list alphabetically. We still have an item logged to make the ordering more configurable, but I hope this helps in the meantime.


Firstly, thanks for attention to this!

Secondly, does this mean that existing files will have their Named Views and Named CPlanes recorded, and one has no control over that? Such could be worse as any existing organization gets blown up. I guess one could rename all Named Views and Named CPlanes.

Not looking forward to that…

Secondly, does this mean that existing files will have their Named Views and Named CPlanes recorded, and one has no control over that?

Indeed this is what it means. I can see why this could cause pain. We may need to rethink this. We may need to back this change out for 5.4 or rework the implementation.

cc: @marlin perhaps we should instead add an “Alphabetize list” option to the context/gear menus instead…?


Not sure I want to try 5E169w either. There will be pain…

MR-1470 is reopened for re-evaluation.

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Ok, @ec2638, now the ability to sort the Named Views and CPlanes is optional in the latest RhinoWIP (5E199w). You can right/option-click the control - or use the gear menu - to sort the list alphabetically.

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This change and the previous 5E169w change does not change anything in the 3DM file. It merely changes the order the lists are displayed. Unchecking the Sort Alphabetically option reverts the displayed list to the order stored in the file.

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