Reorder cplane?

I am experiencing an inability to reorder cplanes in the cplane toolbar.
I am on Version 6 (6.18.19260.10102, 2019-09-17)

As far as I can tell one cannot reorder Named Cplanes nor Named Views in Rhino for Mac V6 or V7 WIP, as can be done with Layers.

There has been requests for this in past that seem to have ‘withered’ over time. My understanding is that there may have been more complexity (time) involved than appears to the outsider, and such may have been de-prioritized.

@dan described the rationale more succinctly and eloquently than I - “It is often helpful to group and reorder Named View to create logical progressions.” Any chance this can get back on the pile?


I believe the place we are actually tracking this is in this item:

RH-54425 Named Object: Ability to drag to reorder the items

@johnc Is there a reason why this work cannot be done in the Rhino 6 time-frame?

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Interdependencies…got it!

Coming soon (eventually) to a theater near you :wink:


@dan Andy just told me he has discussed this with you and we are going to make this reordering possible in Mac V6. I just have to talk to @max to complete the task. I will do that tonight. Hopefully it will be fixed by tomorrow.

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I have just committed a fix that enables reordering in 6.x in the Eto UI, and therefore on the Mac. It will work for Named Views and CPlanes, and by tomorrow afternoon should also work for Named Positions.


All four named item UIs (Views, CPlanes, Positions and Snapshots) now support reordering via drag & drop, on the Mac (V6).

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