Feature Request - Mac - Panels: Named CPlanes enhancement

I’d like to be able to right click on a named CPlane and have a contextual menu pop up where I can make the selected Named CPlane the the current CPlane. Having to go down to the gear icon and select Restore CPlane is inconvenient. (Also It seems like it should be Set or Make Current rather than Restore)
Rhino allows right clicking on Panels: Layers with contextual menus. It seems Named CPlanes should behave similarly.

Hi Seth -

I see that this feature is missing on macOS.
I’ve added a note to RH-70300 NamedCPlane: No restore after rename

Instead of having to go to the gear icon, you can currently double-click to restore the named CPlane.
“Restore” is widely used in Rhino to refer to that function.

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RH-70300 is fixed in the latest WIP