Wish: preview time option at the time line


during setup an animation the length grows and it would be nice if the preview time could easy and direct changed at the time line. At the moment I need to go to the option pages.


Have you looked at the Time Manager panel? You can bring it up with the BongoTimeManager command. You can set it up so the preview time scales with the number of ticks.

OK, it works, but it’s not so comfortable and I need a panel more. For example is it not more useful than the Ticks input field? I hoped ticks and time could be two options side by side. :wink:

I think we’ll change this in the future so that it automatically updates behind the scenes once you’ve set a ratio from ticks to seconds and change the limits. That way as you drag the limits the animation length extends. But for now the link is broken when you close the time manager.

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Great, sounds like an elegant solution.

Indeed Micha, often one starts with 99 ticks and 10 seconds but going on it turns out that more time and ticks is needed. That is why in the Time Manager there is the option “Ratio tick/second”. When this option is selected altering the number of tick alter the length of the animation in seconds.
When the Preview option “Synchronize Preview/Render” is selected (the default) the Preview is altered accordingly.

Unfortunately this weekend I came across 2 bugs that hinder the proper functioning of this system:

  1. When the start or end marker on the timeline is dragged the ratio is altered instead of the time in seconds (https://mcneel.myjetbrains.com/youtrack/issue/BO-3323 )

  2. Moreover the selected ‘Render length’ option isn’t saved with the document. When the document is reopened the option is reset to ‘Length in seconds’ instead of the desired Ratio. (https://mcneel.myjetbrains.com/youtrack/issue/BO-3324)

If you alter the start/end tick in the Time Manager itself you’ll see the result like it should be.

Hopefully @Joshua can include the fix in the upcoming WIP 7.


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