Bongo speed and focal length


I have a quick 2 minute Screencast video attached and have two questions in connection with it:

  1. Involves the speed with which the camera moves through the model, and
  2. How to change the focal length

Your assistance with this would really be appreciated.

Thank you.


First question: Indeed , the number of ticks doesn’t alter the Timeline length in seconds. The speed off the preview can be set in the Bongo’s Document Properties.

Second question: Have you tried adjusting the Lens Length of specific keyframes? Note that in this case you also have to define its values in the first and last keyframe.

Hey Luc, I get your first answer, regarding how to slow down the timeline. Thank you.

I don’t see, however, how to adjust the lens length of specific keyframes. I right click on a (yellow) keyframe marker / go to Edit Keyframe and get the Bongo Keyframe Editor. (See attached image.) It has the Constraints and Tweening panels but no View Transforms.


Would you be able to help us?

Thank you in advance.


You have to unmark ‘Only show animated parameters’ in the General settings of the KeyframeEditor. This dialog appears on clicking ‘Default’ in the animation tree.

Then return to the Viewport.


Thank you, Luc. That’s perfect.