Wish: history update for animation preview


I setup a watch mechanism based on history objects. Could be nice if the history will be used for simple starting the animation at the viewport. Important for showing an animation without to render before. Maybe something for the SR.


I assume you mean the disadvantage that History recordings aren’t updated in the viewportdisplay when the animation is previewed (“played”).
Indeed many times I had to write: “You can get a (bit shaky) Preview though by pressing and holding down left mouse button (not clicking) the small right/left arrow buttons of the timeline slider.

As I understand from the developers it has to do with the corporation between Rhino and its plugin Bongo. Switching in-between to update the History would seriously jeopardize the preview. I agree research needs to be done. Obviously to far-reaching for a Service Release though.

Thank you for the workaround. Works good.

Getting the preview full functional would be very helpful to get an impression of the movement. Some times I render a preview and see that some movements are not smooth and need to be fine tuned. A full preview could save time.


Render with low quality first to see the overall movements and smoothness. Then narrow in with higher quality on problematic sequences. At last, do the final rendering with full quality.

// Rolf

Last I set the output to Rhino display and after one hour the animation preview of 1200 frames was done. OK, I could use less frames but a direct preview could be the easiest way.