Issue: Insert tick doesn't move animation range end


I set my animation to 0…60 and insert 10 ticks. All key frames are moved 10 ticks but not the animation range end, it’s still 60. Could be nice if this would be moved too.


… same for delete tick.

I think it’s not that obvious one not only wants to shift keyframes but also add extra ticks on the timeline. Bongo has adequate tools to do such conscious and intentional.


Do you think someone add a new part to an animation but like to skip the same length from the end? I can’t right imagine such a case.

You have a good point there. I logged it here:

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My main concern is that changes to the timeline length should be made conscious since Physics is introduced. Time gained a lot of importance in Bongo 3.0. Changing the number of ticks in the Timeline makes a model with Physics elements behave different when the Time Manager option is other than “Ratio tick/second”.