Wish: preference for LMB or RMB to open floating palette

As the title says. Right now, click-left on an icon that contains multiple commands opens a dropdown list. Click-right or ctrl-click-left opens a floating palette. I would like a preference setting that opens a floating palette on click-left.
Admittedly, this wish has come up since my tablet is playing up, see this thread. But I feel it is a real candidate for a preference setting, users prefer to see dropdown lists or floating palettes (like me), not alternating between those I think.

(I vaguely remember that we had more options in an early version of Rhino for Mac?)


It seems this used to be a preference, but is no longer supported because it posed a usability problems and support issues. This was a little before my time - in terms of the decision-making - though I did test the “fix” for this issue.

Any news regarding floating palettes ? Is it possible to have floating pallette as the only option for my rhino ? ? ?

I believe this is possible now…

  1. Launch Rhino for Mac (5.4)
  2. Navigate to Rhinoceros > Preferences > Themes
  3. Enable Use command options dialog
  4. Start a new modeling window.
  5. Hide the left and right sidebars using the buttons in the upper corners of the window.
  6. Navigate to Window > Active Tool Palettes and show those you want.
  7. Navigate to Window > Show […] and show those you want (likely Layers and Object properties).

Does this help?