Odd behaviour of pen tablet for RMB

I am using a Wacom Bamboo Fun Pen&Touch tablet as input device since many years. Originally as a way to combat rsi doing lengthy Rhino sessions, I now use it for all computer work including web surfing. I have had no major problems, just the odd quirk that was attributed by folk at McNeel to the driver. I have been using OSX Mavericks until a couple of days ago, when I upgraded to OSX Sierra because of the problems with Rhino 5.3 opening files.
I now notice some odd and annoying behaviour of the tablet. I configured the toggle switch on the pen as the right mouse button. When manipulating views this works as one would expect, like panning in combination with shift and rotating in combination with cmd in the Perspective viewport. But when right clicking on icons, I cannot open the alternative commands, nor can I open any floating palettes. All I can do is open the dropdown menu, LMB or RMB clicking makes no difference. I can only resort to using my mouse, which does work as it should be.
I am using Wacom version 5.3.7-6, which I had to download anew after installing Sierra to get access to the tablet preferences.
Here are my tool palette settings:


Edit: I found that ctrl+LMB does open the floating palettes (I alway get confused when reading “option” as a key, my first iMac already had a “ctrl”-key instead, I don’t know any better… :unamused:)

https://discourse.mcneel.com/t/right-issue-of-wacom-intuos-draw-rhino-wip-5d92w/38521/6Situation similar to yours (tablet itself). More than 3 years (especially with Rhino) with Wacom as the main system. Conclusion: Wacom has big problems with Rhino and above operation is fickle. Final consideration: Do not use with Wacom Rhino. I stopped using it for about 2 months and I’ve had no problems with the targeting systems. My 2 cents

Thanks for the report. I’ve filed the right mouse action not working over icons as https://mcneel.myjetbrains.com/youtrack/issue/MR-3037 I was not able to reproduce the inability to create floating tool palettes using Option+LMB hold. My Wacom driver version is 6.3.18-4 on Mac 10.12.2 with Rhino for Mac 5.3

RMB does not open a floating palette, but ctrl+LMB does. And also works to open the alternative (RMB) commands.


Interesting, thanks for the additional details. I think this must be the difference in Wacom driver versions we’re running. For me Option+RMB hold runs LMB click so both Option+LMB hold or Option+RMB hold floats a tool palette here. We’ll have to look into this to see if we can do anything about it from the Rhino side.

Brian, I am experiencing exactly the same as you do, but the point I wanted to make is that RMB used to float a tool palette as well as opening the alternative command with some icons, and that is no longer happening.
I wish that people stopped talking/writing about the “Option”-key, all Mac’s sold for the last 10 years don’t have a key named like that, and it confuses me like crazy (newcomer to Apple since 2009…:smirk:). Ok, I now understand it is labeled “Alt”, I was mistaken thinking it was the “Ctrl”-key. No matter, they both render the same result.

What I am seeing:

Multiple tool icons:
LMB: dropdown list
RMB: dropdown list (used to be floating palette)
Alt+LMB: floating palette
Alt+RMB: floating palette
Ctrl+LMB: floating palette
Ctrl+RMB: floating palette

Alternative command (e.g. Rotate3D vs. Rotate):
LMB: no
RMB: no (used to be yes)
Alt+LMB: yes
Alt+RMB: yes
Ctrl+LMB: yes
Ctrl+RMB: yes

[pedantic] The Option key is actually called “Option”. See curent Apple documentation or photos of currently available Apple keyboards. I imagine Apple added “Alt” in a small point size to the Option key to help Boot Camp users.

I stand corrected, it seems the option key is back on the scene. My keyboard from 2009 and my wife’s MacBook from 2012 definitely do not have it labeled like that, but have this --_ symbol instead. My wisdom is web-wisdom…

Edit: just checked the NL Apple store: the keyboard with a numeric pad has the symbol, the one without has “option” printed on the same key. Go figure…

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