Right Click Icons to reveal secondary options?


I am a Mac user but previously used Rhino for Windows. I was really getting the hang of it but I have switched to rhino for Mac to keep everything on the same device. I used the Pop Up menu a lot and have created a similar pop up for the mac version. However, there is no secondary right click option on the icons which I had on the Windows version. I have had to double up on icons (e.g. show objects and hide objects) when that, for the windows version, would be 1 icon, show objects with a right click option to hide objects.

It’s weird as some icons in the tool bar have the right click option (e.g. trim/untrim).

Any help would be welcomed at this stage.

Thanks in advance.


Hi Archie,

It is relatively easy to accomplish what you are after. You have created an extended pop up menu, so you must be working with a customized command set. When you open the customize window, and click on an icon from the pop up pallette, you will see the command it produces in the right-top quarter. On the far right there is another area to where you can drag a different icon from the vault area on the left bottom quarter. This will be the command produced by a right click. You can also create a new icon and type the command you want, or even a macro like in the example below.

In this case the macro produces a floating pallette in the same way as it does in the main pallette.


Thanks so much! That was so easy. I have no amended those icons to have secondary options which will speed up my workflow. There are definitely a few other things that I am unsure of so will post again in due course.

Thanks again Maxz, really kind of you to take the time to respond…may have never worked it out.