Tool palettes will not open

I have just installed the latest Wenatchee on my MacBook. All seems to be fine, except that the tool palettes will not open when clicking the icon in the main tool palette or the toolbar. The only ways I can get them to open is to select them from the menu or left click-hold and right click on the icon to bring up the context menu (which does not open the palette but at least allows me to pick a tool).

Does anyone know what is going on?

Hi MaxZ- it looks, here, like in Rhinoceros>Preferences > Tool Palette both ‘Display as dropdown menu’ and ‘Display as floating palette’ are enabled for ‘left click and hold’. I am not sure this control makes a lot of sense as it, I’ll check with the developer to see if I am missing something (very probably) but checking the Disabled box for the dropdown menu allows tool palettes to open. Does that help for now?


That’s it! Thanks Pascal.