Forcing Rhino to show floating tool palettes and not menus

I haven’t figured out how to do this… I would like to always have floating palettes when I left click-hold a button with a flyout…

Also, for me Preferences>Tool Palette does not act as I expect. There are two items under “Additional commands”:

  1. Display as drop-down menu when: Left click and hold
  2. Display as floating palette when: Option left click and hold or right click and hold

Both of the above have a checkbox to “disable”. But if I check both, I still get both behaviors as before…

Thanks, --Mitch

For floating palettes, Option/Alt+Click-left button on icon not fly-out triangle works here.

It was working, tried to check the Preferences> Tools and now the floating palettes doesn’t seem to work.

When I restart and check Tools both those check boxes are empty.

Just starting again.

Curiouser & curiouser … Randy

Working again here, floating palettes from flights.

Yeah, sorry, I wasn’t clear here, I want to fly out the tool palettes WITHOUT having to hit the Option key…


My discussion with @Marlin on the same subject: Icon sub-palettes gone?