Wish: Please Upgrade Camera ☺


Please make the Camera an Object like the rest, with Properties (Name, Color, etc, etc)
Please allow multiple Cameras visible in views, with the option of Make Current.
Please fix Rotation, Translation, Copy, etc etc for Cameras.
Please Fix Gumball movements for Cameras.

Thank you,
Right now cameras are very under developed. Those fixes might be enough to convince users to switch to V8


dear @Bogdan_Chipara
some of your wishes can be accomplished with

But i agree that there is still a big potential of improvement.
for example also discussed here:


(Maybe serengeti is a better category for this topic ? - and maybe include “Wish” in the title ?)

Dear @Tom_P ,

Having several design variations, next to each other, to be compared from the same angle, or some set of cameras and angles coming from the urban committee to be followed… are enough to create a frustrating workflow. Not so many of my wishes can be accomplished with NamedViews, even though I am using them in most circumstances.

Big potential for improvement, indeed!

Or at least make the Rotate command work. Right now only Move works…
Merci beaucoup !

I like where you’re going with this. I’d also like to be able to constrain the various lengths of the camera entities.

If the camera was an object with editable properties, that would be amazing!

Well, thanks for writing… most people don’t care.

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