Bug: Gumball not working with camera icon

Repro: run Camera _show, select a control point on the camera icon. The gumball will show up, but it won’t work. Also, it disappears immediately when panning/zooming.


A wish, since we are at it:
Could the camera become sort of a ‘real’ object? That means, it could be selected at any point of the displayed pyramid, and moved/rotated/scaled as a whole. The PointsOn command would be needed to display it’s control points (except of course they show automatically by preference).
Also, it would be useful to have more than one camera icon visible in viewports, for aligning/snapping/comparing etc.


Thanks, I’ve added RH-73393 Camera gumball is broken

NamedView widgets (using the NamedViews panel) are “real” camera objects

Ok, fair enough, but not in the sense that I meant. Display many at the same time in the viewports, make them selectable as a whole (by clicking any of their wireframe lines), display their control points when control point display is turned on for them.
Always wondered why they have to feel like a special case in Rhino.

Ill second that request. Having a camera as an object the same way you have lights as objects you can add , group , put on layers and move around would be a big help. When it comes to working with a director and placing cameras to block out shots the current system is clumsy and frustrating. Also having the ability to change the aspect ratio and camera type.

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in earlier days, V5 around you could still group the widget with objects, practical for having the same object in front of the camera for whatever means needed. that was on the mac side though, but this has vanished over the years not sure when, i recently tried and it did not work anymore.

Hi Eugen -

But you can do all that…


Aaaahyes… where do I turn on these fancy camera icons?

Rhinoceros Help - NamedView | Rhino 3-D modeling (mcneel.com)


8 years of Rhino, and here’s another first. I like it!

RH-73393 is fixed in the latest WIP

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