Camera Drag -Copy?

One of the nicer features, Rhino 5 Added was the ability to view and move the camera as an object with the gumball, similar to camera control in say 3ds Max.

It would be great to have the ability to copy camera, using the Alt Copy Drag with the gumball, thus creating a duplicated camera view.

An example of where this would be relevant, I have a series of facade options I am testing for a building, and would like to set up a series of the same views for each, rather than moving the design option into place.

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Hi Jonathan - for now, in the V6/WIP. you can duplicate a named view from the panel, then move that with your duped objects - I understand that is a good deal more convoluted than it maybe should be for the scenario you describe…

Thanks Pascal. Yes, I realized the duplicate feature I entered the suggestion.

Wasn’t sure if this is the proper forum for suggestions like in Rhino 5.0 WIP. Perhaps if the Drag-Copy Routine could automate the name this view thereby depositing a new view into your views, which would smooth that process. Just a suggestion.

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OLD topic, but is there a plan to implement this in Rhino 8? Would be an amazing, but perhaps not simple enhancement. Thanks!

dear @larchitect
there have been some recent topics about updating camera editing…
but not sure how much support they got:

(especially this first one looks similar to this topic)


@Tom_P I have seen these topics in the past, but thanks for the reminder. Hopefully something comes of it. Very beneficial for studies and archviz.

ok… 2016 :slight_smile:

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