Easier Camera Pts selection

Hi all,
would there be any easier way to select the different points of the camera widget?
For more precise camera setups to then be saved as named views, I am always using the camera control points revealed via F6. In combination with SetPt this is very useful.

With complex scenes with lots of objects around, it can be very tricky to select the desired camera points. Especially since the target and rotation points (usually) overlap each other in the top view.

Is there any way to have something like a SelCameraTargetPt or SelCameraOriginPt? Is it possible to script these?

Any help is much appreciated.

Hi Duncan - with a namd view, you can show the camera widget and manipulate that - points-wise it is the same as the F6 camera though… I’d say if you are going to manipulate via points, set the SelectionFilter to ‘Control points’ and possibly ‘Others’ to make selection more restricted… nothing else comes to mind right off hand.



I agree that moving the camera CVs does not allow all edits - but should:
see also this post / topic


any news regarding CV-Editing of camera ?
its still quite unusable for some scenarios:

I have some freely orientated parts and need a perspective camera-Position, that will show the bottom of the view (exactly) parallel to some edges - for some documentation / how to assemble -pictures.
A simplified version - draw a box and rotated it some random angle (37 degree) in my example.

try it !
(it s possible but I could not find a nice workflow)

_selPt allows to select all Camera Points (assuming that no other points are visible / turned on)

_rotate3d completely fails !

gumball - Align to world is ignored
gumballRelocate works

my clumsy workflow:
_cplane …draw a cplane aligned to the edge
reset to perspective projections
_camera show
_gumball for final view setup…

_namedView save

hi @Tom_P Does this help:

ok - not bad.
at least this avoids switching to parallel projection and back to perspective…

but there is so many unexpected behaviours… look at this, selecting all Camera-CVs
and rotate with different centers:

at the end of the screencapture:
rotating around camera target by 360 degree…

try to rotate3d all CVs - even worse.

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