WISH: more SubD Topology tools, export SubD cage as mesh

SubD and MeshTools for efficient loopcuts( multiples), knife tool( to insert edges quickly and intuitively), faceloop selection etc. would make sorting out topology issues in the subD workflow a lot more efficient .

I know Rhino isn’t intended for polymodeling but with the introduction of SubD modelling a lot more topology oriented tools/selection filters would be greatly apreciated. I for example like the workflow in Blender and find that very intuitive and fast.

In the meantime being able to export the subD cage (as seen in the SubDDisplayToggle) as a mesh wich could be edited in other programs like Blender, Maya, etc. would be super usefull to solve problems in the mesh which at the moment is quite cumbersome in rhino.

Pls let me know if I’ve overlooked some tools in Rhino for these situations,

I’m very exited about subD modelling finally integrated into rhino, my hats off to you.

Thank you for your awesome work, Guys!

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did you try _InsertPoint?

you can select a face, then double click the next to select a face loop
also selecting one face, then another and double clicking a third will select all faces between

_ExtractControlPolygon then _Export

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thank you that helps a lot :slight_smile: