Rhino 7 Subdivision Workflow suggestions

Hey All:

I’ve finally have time to explore Rhino 7 WIP’s new subdivision tools. I’m loving what I see so far. So much promise!

It seems to me the important thing for this tool-set is to get the interface and workflow right. Subdivision modelling is a pretty mature area of development in the CAD industry by now, and there are a lot of interface conventions people have come to expect. At the very least, we should be conceding to the best of these. Similarly, we have an opportunity to learn from the mistakes of our predecessors T-Splines and (especially) Clayoo.

In the spirit of this, I’d like to offer some subdivision workflow and interface suggestions. I’m sure there will be some who don’t agree with me here, or who think “who does he think he is?”, but I’m also sure I’m not the only person who’s thought of these:

1.) Using ALT + Drag as a shortcut for extrude has been so common across so many different subdivision interfaces, it feels weird to have it absent from Rhino 7 subdivision. Can we add this in please?

2.) Similarly, could ALT+Gumball Scale be made into a shortcut for the “Inset Subd Edges” command? Both this and the first one were highly useful in other programs, and would save a lot of modelling time.

3.) I know there’s a SubD panel. But, like with all the other commands, perhaps it might be worthwhile having a couple of dedicated tool buttons for subdivision commands. Perhaps break up all the creation commands into one section, and all the editing into another?

4.) You know how you can double-click to select an edge loop? What if you added an ALT+click to Edge Ring select?

5.) Can we make bridge also usable faces, not just edges? This is how it works in many other subdivision modellers.

6.) I notice we have quite a nice Subd Loft command. Could we also have a set of Subd 1 and 2 Rail Sweep commands please?

7.) Do we have any kind of retopology snap which allows us to draw appended subd faces directly onto other objects? Perhaps it could be added directly to the Append to Subd command?

8.) For Fill Subd Hole, I notice we have different closure types. Could we have a preview option?

9.) I’ve tried using Splop and Orient On Surface (and other surface application commands) on subd surfaces. However, they only allow users to apply objects one face at a time. Is there a way we could make a selection filter or something similar which allows users to use the whole object?

Thank you for listening.


Jack Meyer


Yes, IMHO there is room for improvement on the SubD interface. I suggested a revised gumball in another post, to avoid having to play with a complicated sequence of computer keys . Notice that you can already bridge faces

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Really? How can you bridge faces? It wouldn’t let me when I tried this morning…


_ Append - command

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you can absolutely use the whole object-

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Thank you guys for taking the time to answer my questions.

I’ll try these out and get back to you.

Hi there:

In your first video, what button are you holding down for the Extrude? Neither Ctrl nor Alt seem to work on my version (latest Rhino 7 WIP).


Thank you for the full list here. However, I’ve tried Ctrl+Drag, and Alt+Drag. But it seems Control+Drag does nothing with Gumball except move the gumball. Alt+Drag just drags off and makes a copy of that individual face.

I’ve downloaded the latest Rhino 7 WIP. Still no change.

Am I missing something?

drag then ctrl-

or use the extrude dot.

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Thank you. That seems to work.

The missing piece of the puzzle was you have to really hold down the Ctrl key for a full second.