SubD stitch

Hi all, not sure where to go next in terms of stitching together these subD surfaces.

Is there an easy way to stitch these items and also add polygon subdivisions. sorry for being a newbie.

subd_ferrari.3dm (2.2 MB)

Your SubD is an absolute mess.

Two adjacent SubD geometries can be joined on coincident vertices / control points.

And please don’t create duplicate topics.

Merging SubD Faces - Rhino / SubD - McNeel Forum

hi martin,

thanks for the response. sorry I wasnt sure if the post went through the first time.

ok, so mergeface command? it keeps saying “no changes made” also, is there a way to divide the faces into multiple divisions other than the “subdivide” command?

Yes there are two methods, you can insert edge loops / rings and also insert points.

hey Evan, this is a super ambitious project to start with… I’d hit pause on this and back up a bit and get a handle on the basics of subd. You need to have a very good grasp on edge counts and topoplogy flow to pull off a model like this.

Most importantly, there is a formula for building subd cars and they almost always start with the wheel arches.

Here is a very good video by david bently- It’s not rhino based, but the techniques and the topology layout is applicable and shows the formula

I’d respectfully recommend you put a pin in this model for the moment and send you thru all our subd videos on YT-

Here’s a list-

also check out these topics

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