Wish - Improved Layer filter UI

Hi there,

What about improving the layer filter by adding a ‘search’ field directly on the layer panel:


The user can type whatever he wants in it and on each keystroke:

  • the panel gets updated and only shows the layers that have a matching sub-string in their names
  • matching string portion gets highlighted on the layer name
  • the filter can quickly be disabled/reset by pressing ‘Esc’ or hitting some quit icon in that bar


I know that is already doable with the layer filter, but it would be handy to have that sort of feature directly embedded on the panel for quicker use.

What are your thoughts?


To further expand on the idea…

I think it could also be cool if you can have a button to automatically add the search as a saved filter. I wouldn’t imagine it would take that much more work to do so.

Hi @jeffoulet,

I’ve logged your wish (https://mcneel.myjetbrains.com/youtrack/issue/RH-56866), thought I pretty sure we’ve logged it before.

If you are running the WIP, you will notice a “search” field starting to appears on some panels. The new Layouts panel and the Layer Sates panel come to mind.

– Dale

Hi @dale,

I had a quick look to the WIP, and yes, the Layout panel ‘search’ field is exactly what I had in mind.


RH-56866 is fixed in the latest WIP