New Layer panel wish

To my understanding, you are in the process of rewriting the layer panel.
In doing so would it be possible to put this
name filter input field into the panel’s header?

(In fact, I only noticed today(!) that filtering for layer names is at all possible…)

Thank you!

Hi Eugen -

I’ve added this thread to open item RH-56866.

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RH-56866 is fixed in the latest WIP

I have always been unable to make use of the filter, as when it is cleared it messes up the layer order. Has this now been fixed? If not, would it be possible to do so?

Thanks for the search field! Seems to work just fine - without messing up the layer sort order.

A detail: it would make sense to put a ‘clear’ icon there. Spares selecting the content and pressing delete.

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Got that, thanks

RH-68895 Layer: clear the search field


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