Filter/search box for layers palette?

i was just working in a file with tons of layers and thought it might be nice to have a search box that would filter out the list and only show you layers that match. solidworks has this on the feature tree and i find it pretty convenient.

2020-07-22 12_48_46-Window

how do you see search working? just by name, or type etc? Should it be a search, or would some new sorting filters be more useful?

Have you tried the layer state manager where you can save layer sets and recall them?

Hello - there is a filter - it is under the ‘funnel’ icon at the top of the Layer panel. Does that do it?
(I’ve always felt filtering is kind of the opposite of funneling, myself, but that seems to be the accepted icon reference…)

didn’t even know that was there. :wink: thanks.

never thought of the funnel that way, now it’s going to annoy me anytime i see it