Search or filter layers by name

It would be cool if we could filter layers by name. Ideally, so that they disappear and only the layer that match the term stay visible. Ideally, in the same window, so no new dialogs, just the exact same window with exact same layers that you can right click and act upon with those layers that didn’t match a term hidden out.

Press Ctrl+F to

There are Layer Filters in the Layers Panel - look for the blue funnel Icon .

Check out how to use layer filters here or let us know if you get stuck:


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perfect, would it be possible though to match it without having to append * at the begging and the end?

it would be nice to see the results dynamically as you type as well

It would be nice :rofl:

On a serious note: it’s probably not impossible to write something up for that - if no one beats me to it, I will add it to my list of projects I hope to get round to