Fuzzy search / Layers filter in "SelLayer" Dialog

“Fuzzy search” / “Layers filter” would be really useful in the SelLayer dialog to quickly sift through the layers

While there is a “funnel widget” / “Show Filtered Layers” menu already that let’s you do such search, it’s digged a bit to deeply for me in the menus (in the layers window) to be productive enough when you gotta go fast



Hi Daniel -
In Rhino 8, there is a search / filter box in the Layers panel and the “Show Filtered Layers” dialog is removed.


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Thanks, that’s awesome. Do you know if there’s any way to assign a shortcut to quickly jump to it (e.g. ctrl-f)?

Hi -

No, there isn’t.

That’s a shame, thanks, I really wish it wasn’t the case

@wim Also it would be really helpful if this search was ‘more forgiving’, so “key plan” would match “key-plan” - treating each keyword between spaces separately.

Perhaps only if quoted (e.g. “key plan”) it should search for the space in between as well.