Wish for Rhino 8 - Improved Editing for hatches

Hi there!

I work a lot with hatches, primarily to do area calculation but also as a background for masterplans and presentations. There are two things that could be better and I would love to see some improvements in this area:

  1. Hatch failing because of curve self intersections. This makes the creation of hatches very time consuming. Any chance to do something here? Like show where the problem is so I can fix it?

  2. Boolean Operations on hatches. That would be awesome. I know that I can trim hatches, but it’s not possible to join two separate hatches into one. Again, that would save so much time…

thanks a lot

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I’ll add the possibility to select the hatch border and manipulate it as a polyline.

Especially useful when you need to add a tiny area to an existing hatch (note that boolean operations would be useful in that kind of situation too).

Yes, this is an old request.
Note that you can already turn on hatch control points and delete some, but not add new ones…

I did make a “SuperPerimeterEditor” years ago, for Rhino 5, posted on the 2x older forum, now no longer reachable.
I’ll reattach it here (without the “super” XDD).
It still sort of work, still useful for

PerimeterEditor.txt (20.1 KB)

perimeter editor

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Looks great ! Can’t test right now since rhinoscripts are not available on macOS but I will look at it later (and maybe translate it to pythonscript if I have some time to do it… :smiling_face_with_tear:)

If you make the hatch in Rhino to begin with, you can use History at creation time and edit the perimeter curve as needed, including adding and removeing points. If the hatch exists without its border curve, DupBorder will get that curve and you can re-set it all up with History if that is helpful.


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Hi Vincent -

You can identify self-intersecting curves with the SelSelfIntersectingCrv command. You can use the IntersectSelf command on both self-intersecting and non-self-intersecting curves to place point objects on self-intersections.

Riccardo, this one is on the list as RH-67907 Annotation: Hatch: Insert control point, edit point, and kink

  • ah that’s helpful. I didn’t knew IntersectSelf. Thanks!

Not every hatch needs a border. Adding control points would be highly appreciated.