Hatch Region limits

HI all,
is there a workaround to get curves that sometimes are overlapping and make a hatch selecting the regions in a smooth way? A solution to the limitation would be so usefull, since resolving it would put Rhino as a 2d editor on a different level!


The Boundary option in Hatch doesn’t help?

yes exactly, with self intersecting curves, or curves that have overlapping points, it makes error. A classic example is at corners when the corner of the facade meets the corner of a column. What i have to do is move the point, and obviously is not so nice

it is such a pity, because the hatching in Rhino is so great! being able to get a rid of Autocad for certain tasks would be great!

Hi Federico - Boundary mode should handle this -


HI there, thanks for the quick reply.

I got this error

"Click inside regions to keep. Press Enter when done ( CombineRegions=Yes AllRegions )
Self intersecting loop was found. No hatches made. "

and then the command quits

This means your curves are self intersecting, which usually means there are multiple control points on top of each other. How were these curves drawn?

Sometimes it also helps to set a smaller tolerance in the document settings.

If you could post the file here I could have a look.

Hi Federico - can you please post a file with one or two of these curves? The self intersection is exactly what the option should handle.


HI @pascal,
this is the exaclt the portion of the drawing that is not work, withouth this piece it works smooth.
there were a series of block, then exploded. Looks like a bug to me, but i am not sure, i would be more than happy to understand if there is a drawing error.

hatch error.3dm (35.1 KB)

Hi Federico - this is what I get - is that what you are shooting for?


Right exactly!! I cannot get the menu from the hatch command, how can i do that? I have just the option from the command prompt. Can it be also a rhino version problem?

HI Thanks again for the reply, actually i looked a bit more in depth, and it is not that the area i am trying to hatch the one you did, but the one i highlighted in the sketch below.

can you try to create a region for this ? does it work? i am still not able to produce a hatch for the highlighted region


Yeah… that counts as a self-intersecting set of curves - hatch will not make that - your material would have zero thickness there so that is probably an OK decision by Hatch… I do not know if that is fixable - PlanarSrf also does not like that.