R8 - Editing Hatch Boundary After Hatch Creation?


I was under the impression that when you create a hatch in Rhino, it will update said hatch when the original boundary curves it is based off of are udpated/moved.

Is that the case?


I have a rectangle that is 2m long, I create a hatch from this rectangle.

I then scale or adjust the rectangle to now be 2.5m long, is the hatch supposed to automatically update to match this new size?

If so, is this a setting somewhere? I can’t seem to get it to work in R8.

Alternatively, can we somehow modify the hatch boundary itself? Obviously we can move it and snap to it but can we modify the sub curves/vertices that make up the boundary?

Similar to running _PlanarSrf on a rectangle, you now have a new surface that you can modify the subcurves/vertices of. I would think hatches would work that way too but I can’t seem to access the boundary curve edit handles.

Thank you for your help!

Hi Michael - Hatches do pay attention to History recrording if that is on when the hatch is created - it might well make sense to include these with annotations in automatically recording history. (Like dimensions)


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Thanks @pascal I’ll experiment with the History recording. Admittedly, I have not messed with that much as I mostly create everything from GH. This sounds like a good solution for now though.

Ideally, in my mind at least, yes it would act like dimensions in that when you adjust the lines, the hatch would adjust as the dimension stringers do.

I’m assuming there isn’t a way to force history recording on a per object basis? For all hatches for instance? I’m thinking that’s a coding/API thing?

Hi Michael - I figured not auto recording history for hatches with dims was probably just an oversight but apparently not. You’ll need to do ‘by hand’. Hatches do have control points, you can adjust those as you would the input curves.
Forcing history is possible per command with a # in front of the command
for example.


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In Rhino 8, you can also turn on the boundary for a hatch which would let you get rid of the source curves.

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Thank you @pascal and @stevebaer .

I must have something turned off because I have the hatch boundary on but have no way to select the boundary curves or control points.

Is there a specific setting I’m missing that shows control points or allows selection of hatch boundaries specifically? I can only select the overall hatch and move it, that’s it .

I’ll show a video when I’m at my computer and perhaps you could help direct me to what I’m doing wrong.

Thank you both!

EDIT: I understand what you’re saying now @stevebaer I can use hatch boundary to show the boundary curves but that doesn’t mean i can edit said curves. Yes, I have been using this and it’s nice to have!

@pascal I’ll experiment with the history recording thank you. I can’t figure out how to show the control points of the hatches or do I use the PointsOn command for that?

Yup, Hit F10 to turn on the Hatch Control points and move around. The Hatch Boundary is going to inherit the Layer Linetype and properties.

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Thank you @Japhy! That’s all I need for now. Cheers!