Hatch Editing

Hatches are improving a lot with Rhino 8.

In addition to that it would be crucial if you could create and edit hatches similar to surfaces:

  • directly create hatches (without drawing a perimeter first)… almost like you create surfaces
  • merge/join several connected/overlapping hatches to one single hatch… almost like curve-boolean

Hi Mattias - what tool would you use to draw? Polyline?
! _Polyline Multipause SelLast Hatch

! _Polyline PersistentClose=Yes Multipause SelLast -Hatch _EnterEnd _Delete


That would be a possibility…. Creating a hatch by creating a kind of temporary polyline boundary that gets deleted afterwards. Still, in the process of editing one would need to unify newly added hatches creating a continuous (not overlapping or intersecting) outline. Also there could be an offset command that would create a hatch…

I had the impression that hatches became like surfaces in rhino 7. It was such an improvement to be able to trim them.

Would it be possible the create hatches exactly like you create surfaces (4point, 3point…) and join/merge them like surfaces?

The new hatch border option (similar to archicad) reduced the workload as you always had to create both, line and surface.

Hi Mattias - I think most of this on the creation side can be managed via macros as in my examples above.

Merging hatches should indeed be possible - in fact I suppose all the PlanarUnion, PlanarDifference etc commands could be made to work in hatch versions.
RH-75901 PlanarUnion: Need a hatch version

For now, here is a crack at merging hatches -

HatchUnion.py (3.8 KB)

HatchIntersection.py (2.7 KB)

HatchDifference.py (2.9 KB)

HatchBooleanSplit.py (3.5 KB)

To use the Python script use RunPythonScript, or a macro:

_-RunPythonScript "Full path to py file inside double-quotes"