Wish/Ideas for Hatches


I’m working with hatches lately and I thought I could some ideas on how to improve them.

  1. Ability to snap to the hatch
  2. Ability to trim a hatch
  3. Hatching itself is very tedious, you need to create a closed curve to hatch etc. I would suggest in tweaking the tool so it works more like Illustrator live paint. This method is very quick and efficient. It recognizes the hatching regions automatically. It is a combination of CurveBoolean and Hatching.

I’ve attached a video of how Illustrator’s live paint works.
Illustrator - live paint

This are just some ideas, and will benefit how I work. I’m not really sure how other people use the hatches.

Hope this helps,


You might look at the Boundary option in hatch for semi-automatic region hatching.


Hi Mitch,

I’ve never noticed this before.I think this option should be on by default.

Thanks this for the tip.

  • Miguel

Semi OT: Also check out curveboolean.

The good thing is that it works also with non planar curves (with proper CPlane orientation). Nice:)

Hi Miguel
try this script in Python:

import rhinoscriptsyntax as rs
rs.Command("_CurveBoolean  DeleteInput=None  CombineRegions=Yes")

Ciao Vittorio

Hi Vittorio, do you find that to be a better solution than hatch’s built in “combine region”?

Hi Vittorio,

I know it is easy to script this, I just wanted to mention that hatch itself could be improved for the next Rhino Version.

Thanks for the reply,

  • Miguel