Suggestion: Hatches


First of all I would like to thank the developers for all the improvements that have been done so far. I realised today that hatches now have control points and they can be moved and delete. This is a great so far. I would want to make a suggestion. It would be nice, if its possible to add a few more operations/modifiers. It would be nice to have boolean operations for hatches as those found in Illustrator under the name of “Pathfinder”. I know you could work around it, by using other tools. I just thought it might be a nice feature to implement. I always try to do as much work done in Rhino, and just finish up the diagrams/drawings in illustrator.




This could be interesting and should be eminently scriptable… The open question for me is what happens when you boolean union two or more hatches that are different styles…? Which style should it take?

Should it work as layers do now with solid/surface Booleans - that result goes to the layer of first picked object, or the most recent object if things were window selected?



Here is a quickie prototype of HatchBoolean… Not tested much…

–Mitch (1.4 KB)

Personally. I don’t really care about different hatch styles, as I do all my finishes in illustrator. But I could see it having some use.


Has this been integrated into the program yet? It would be immensely useful.


No, it has not.

Might it be added to Rhino 8 please? :slightly_smiling_face:

Hello - it is not in Rhino - a workaround would be to DupBorder on all of the hatches, and re-run Hatch using the Boundary option, which uses CurveBoolean to find regions.

RH-63689 Hatches: Boolean operations