Wish: fast access to recent commands via toolbar or hotkey

I’m rather often repeating a series of the same 2 to say 5 commands a couple of times. For example: select some objects, move, changeLayer, hide. Then repeat with some other objects.

What I sometimes do is right-click in the command line and choose from this list of recent commands. But this is not very efficient, because of the far mouse moves and many clicks involved.

I don’t want to write a script or anything like that. I think it’s not worth the effort. Plus sometimes I need a slightly different sequence.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a dynamic toolbar with just recently used commands? Or maybe double and triple right click to get the second and third last commands, similar to the existing repeat function on right click? Or a hot-key?

Or is there such a feature already and I simply missed it so far?

Kind regards, Gero.

Hi Gero- you can set the middle mouse button to pop up the menu you get in the command area- note that you can also add commands as ‘favorites’ that always appear at the top of the list (Options > General page). You can also enable the MRU toolbar buttons in Options > Toolbar > Sizes and Styles. This only shows recently used buttons, not typed commands etc.


Hi Pascal,

thanks for these tips, that really helps me.


I think there should be at least an option for the MRU toolbar to include typed commands too.
It sure would streamline my workflow.

And it would serve as a way to find the toolbar icons for functions I usually access by commandline only.


Hi Norbert- how would these be presented? Do you mean if the Line command is typed, the toolbar should show the Line button? If you type Line and say, Normal option, would you expect the system to detect this and put the Line Normal button up? I’m just not sure how this could work as there are so many different possibilities in typing, whereas with buttons, Rhino can easily tell what the input macro is.


I think as a best case scenario it should work exactly as you said.
Now I don’t know if this is possible, or how difficult it would be to implement… I am just wishing.
It IS christmas time after all.

Cheers Norbert

I right-click on the command window to get recent commands often. However, I rarely use the right-click in a window contextual menu. Maybe there could be an option to switch the normal contextual menu to a recent commands list for those who would prefer that. That would save on the mouse mileage…

Hi James- you can also put that MRU menu on the middle mouse button - no mileage at all.


I use the MMB Popup toolbar (9 X 11 buttons) for everything (well almost). The only thing I have on my main screen is the command prompt and persistent snap check-box. I have a 2nd display with the layers/properties/materials dialog boxes, but no toolbars at all. I want as much to happen at the curser as possible. So, the MRU would have to activate with something other than them MMB for me.

My wish would be to have the popup toolbar activated by my other hand. Like the spacebar or something close. I have my F3 key pop it up now as a backup because sometimes Rhino lags and the toolbar doesn’t pop up, only the button right under the curser and it’s pushed if I want it to or not. But for a key that is about every 2nd or 3rd click, I’d like it to be really handy. The MMB is really handy, but I have to click it to bring it up for every button I push. It saves driving all over the screen looking for buttons, but it really wears on my clicking finger.


Is it possible to have this MRU toolbar as a tab in the default toolbar? (Sorry if this is a silly question, I might not have fully understood the concept of toolbars vs tabs, yet.)


Hi Gero- currently no, the way it is implemented, but it makes sense I think, to be able to do this from a functionality point of view,


Hi Jim- just a thought, maybe too convoluted, but you could add PopUpToolbar for your popup as a ‘favorite’ item on the menu, and then assign the menu to the MMB… then you get it all.



Thanks for that. I’ve been so focused on loading everything I do into the Popup toolbar that I’ve neglected the contextual menu and alias’s in general. I use the Fkeys a lot but I don’t like having to reach over the keyboard with my left hand (I have Delete assigned to F1 for instance).

I’m playing with just having my Popup assigned to alias “x” because it’s where my left hand likes to be, by the shift/alt/ctrl/tab/spacebar keys. I can hit the x/spacebar in one stab and get the Popup with my left hand.

The other thing I just realized was that if I hold the MMB down with the 1st click and drag over to the button I want, it’s the same as clicking the MMB and the button. 1 click instead of 2. As much as I use the MMB for the Popup, that might give me another couple years before I’m left with a claw…