Show latest commands?

Hope that someone could help!
I have used a long time ago a toolbar (I think…) that showed my latest commands used, it would update as one go along. My problem is I cant remember how I made it show under the layers panel.
Any help would be great!

Right-click on the Command Line area and you’ll see a list of recently used commands.

// Rolf

Thanks Rolf
But that´s not what I mean, I used to have a toolbar that updated itself, that showed the latest commands that I used prior…

It’s called the MRU (most recently used) toolbar - you need to go to Options>Toolbars>Sizes and Styles and check the “Last used buttions visible” box…

Yes that´s it, Mitch you rock, as always!!


Cannot find That MRU in Rhino 8 Option list.

I would appreciate any elucidation.

right click in any toolbar > Show toolbars…