Wish: Ability to make the "MRU toolbar" a Linked toolbar

The “MRU toolbar” is very useful but I can’t add it as a Linked toolbar (for example, to the “Cancel” icon). It’s quite strange that this particular toolbar is “locked” and can’t be linked, unlike all the rest toolbars in Rhino that could be linked with ease. :slight_smile: Thanks!

How would you utilize the MRU tool, and why do you believe it is beneficial? I am uncertain why Rhinoceros 3D included the MRU tool, which to me is like a popupmenu.

Also, it is known that MRU does not store command-based operations. In other words, users must “click” on an icon in order to save it. It is not dockable because it is designed for on-the-fly use, hence reducing cursor travel time on the monitor. That’s my guess…

The MRU panel shows the recently used icons, which is very usable as it saves time and lets the user click there rather than doing a lot of mouse movements across the toolbars. Being able to temporarily show it via a quick toggle is essential. Currently, it’s accessible via the “Rhino Options > Toolbars Size and styles” menu, which is slow and requires way too many mouse clicks.

MRU Toolbar is one of the biggest timesavers, especially when performing repetitive tasks.


Hi all - When this is all set up in V8, which it is not, yet, these should behave the same as just regular toolbars in almost every way.


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What about doing the same to the commanline window, so it could be made a popup bindable to a key?
(Sorry for off topic.)

Hi Norbert -

The command line panel is part of a “Workspace” definition in Rhino 8.
I suppose that means that restoring a workspace that does not include the command line will turn that command line off.

MRU and Popupmenu should be combined in some way. They function identically, except one records everything and the other only “click-icon” actions.


From a user point of view I might say: I am not interested in the underlying principles of panels, workspaces etc. I would just like to have the possibility to use the commandline window as a popup window at my mouse cursor.

Alternatively, remove MRU.
Why was I so polite? I was literally trying to say, remove MRU but keep the Popupmenu. Isn’t Popupmenu simple to use? There is also no way to close MRU. Moreover, for type-command-only users like me, it’s even more weird. :face_with_thermometer:

No, please don’t.
If you don’t like the MRU panel, don’t use it then.
I find it much more convenientr to have the panel open and being able to quickly access the icons of recently used commands instead of using a right click menu.

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Cool. I’m not very interested in these features.
I rarely click icons. But, as I indicated earlier, I completely understand the perspective of MRU users.
I enjoy problems and solutions MORE…

Interested enough to call for the removal of features you don’t use :smile:

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